Answers to that famous question:
Who Did It?

Who Did It?


He who smelt it
Dealt it.
(or the variant submitted by SimplyLucy)
Whoever smelt it,
Dealt it.
He who denied it
Supplied it.
You said the rhyme -
You did the crime!
(or the variant submitted by Brutus)
Whoever said the rhyme
Did the crime.
The smellers
The feller!
You said it,
You let it!
He who detected it
Ejected it!
Whoever snooped it
Pooped it!
"The dog always digs up the bone."
"The skunk smells his own hole first."
"The fox smells his own hole first."
Who farted? Me mammy,
Dae it again son,
Me cannae,
God bless your wee bum.
The one with a gaseous demeanor
Is the one with the smell that is meaner!!
    (with reply:)
I can only attest
To a smell that is best!

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